Health, Safety, Wellbeing & Environment.

Health, Safety, Wellbeing & Environment

AsiaPac Oil & Gas knows that Health, Safety & Environment has a lot more to do with just statistics and measurable metrics. We believe in "wellbeing". We believe that even though a hazard or risk to health cannot be seen or measured, it can still exist. We understand the importance of mental health, inclusion, acceptance and a non-discriminatory workplace.

We are acutely aware of the impact of our industry on the natural environment. We know we can make changes, and we will be a proactive part of that change. We will minimize our footprint, reduce our carbon emissions, and lead by example to protect this planet we call our home. Everything we do has our personal wellbeing, the wellbeing of others, and the wellbeing of our environment at the front of our minds. Everything we do is aligned with our company vision and core values. Everything we do, we do safely and responsibly.


We will always work safely and lead by example. 

We will not hesitate to intervene when we feel the wellbeing of ourselves, colleagues, or the environment is at risk.



We will foster and encourage positive HSE behaviour by practicing it ourselves. 

We will put health, safety and environment before anything else we do. 


Environmental Protection

We will actively protect and nurture the world in which we live by minimizing our footprint, reducing our emissions and encouraging others to follow suit.


Inductions & Training

We will only perform tasks we are competent and qualified to do safely. 

We will always follow instructions, and we will not take shortcuts.


Risk Management

We will always use a Permit to Work where required. 

We will always report uncontrolled hazards, and we will always assess the risk prior to undertaking any task.


Open Minds

We will always further our learning and understanding. 

We will acknowledge that HSE and wellbeing encompasses a range of subjects, and we must be compassionate and accepting.



Driving & Road Safety

We will always follow road rules, always wear our seatbelts, and never operate a phone while driving.

We will follow journey management plans, and keep our vehicles in good, safe condition.

Risk Management

We will always manage risks in our workplace by reporting and rectifying hazards, performing job safety analyses and always working under a management of change when required.

Personal Protective Equipment

We will always wear mandatory PPE and will always ensure those around us are too.

We will always use good quality, certified and in-date PPE, and we will not be afraid to request new ones.

Hazardous Environments

We will never be in the line of fire, under suspended loads, or in an elevated area without fall protection.

We will not enter confined spaces, or perform hot work without a permit.

Inductions & Training

We will always be competent to perform the tasks we undertake, and we will always make sure we understand the rules of the facilities we are working at.

We will know our business.

Health & Wellbeing

We will take care of our health and wellbeing, and monitor the health and wellbeing of our colleagues.

We will be understanding, and not hesitate to ask “Are you okay?”.

Following Process

We will always follow work instructions, use checklists and never take shortcuts.

We will follow processes and procedures available to us on ATLAS, and we will document our results.

Intervention & Leadership

We will always intervene in unsafe acts, and never be afraid to stop work.

We will demonstrate safety leadership with our commitment to safety for everyone around us.

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