About Us.

AsiaPac Oil & Gas Sdn. Bhd. is a wholly Malaysian, 100% Bumiputera owned organisation specialising in providing Oil & Gas services to the Malaysian and wider Asia-Pacific Oil & Gas industry. The company was formed with the intention to fill gaps left behind by major service providers with a traditional approach to oil and gas services focusing on rapid response, technical expertise, understanding customer requirements and an old-fashioned “whatever it takes” open mindset. 

Our services are not designed to supplement larger product lines within our organisation. These ARE our product lines. When we commit to your contracts, we commit 100%, with every intention on delivering on our promises. Your operation is our whole business. Your operation’s success is as critical to us as it is to you. #ThisIsWhatWeDo

Our Core Values

At the heart of everything we do, AsiaPac Oil & Gas will be governed by our core values. Our values reflect what is important to us, and what we believe will drive success for ourselves and our customers.

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Quality Assurance & Control

Our equipment and services are provided to the highest standards. We ensure that everything we do is governed by our core-values, and that the service we provide is second to none.

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Health, Safety & Wellbeing

To AsiaPac Oil & Gas, Health, Safety and Wellbeing (HSW) is more than just statistics. It is crucial to deliver an effective service to our customers, and to a healthy and sustainable business.

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Our Environment

AsiaPac Oil & Gas actively protect and nurture our environment, and every activity we undertake we do so in an environmentally considerate manner. We will protect this planet we call our home.

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100% Malaysian-owned. 100% Malaysia committed.

AsiaPac Oil & Gas Sdn Bhd was incorporated as Malaysia's first and only exclusive fishing services provider based on feedback from Malaysian customers who were becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of support and lack of management focus on fishing services from other oil and gas service providers, which is often treated as a marginal or supplementary business unit.
Well, not to us. Fishing IS our business.

We pride ourselves on being 100% Bumiputera-owned and operated, the skill of our people and knowing we are the only non-diversified company specialising in fishing in Malaysia. We are 100% Malaysian, 100% Bumiputera-owned and 100% committed to this market. The value this adds to our customers is what differentiates us. What this means is that:

Our resources will stay right here.

We won't be flying resources to the Middle East or Europe to support more profitable contracts, leaving our local projects shorthanded.

Focussed, streamlined management.

We are not a diversified service provider. We focus on one business, which is fishing and related services. This means that our management is also focused purely on the objectives of a single business unit, and not spread across a wide range of services, providing our customers with maximum attention and commitment.

Attracting the best local talent.

Our commitment to local talent ensures their commitment to us. The Malaysian workforce always welcomes local companies that support local interests, and we are able to hire and retain the most talented and experienced professionals Malaysia has to offer.

Growing local capability.

In early 2019, AsiaPac Oil & Gas implemented our “DOUBLEUP” initiative as a means of truly driving the growth of local talent in our industry. Seeing the gap of available Malaysian fishing personnel, we will address it by, as much as possible or practical, provide one local trainee for each fully competent member of staff. Welders, technicians, legal, HR, operations, engineering, management and every other member of the organisation will be provided a protégé to train and mentor.

Malaysian expertise. International standards.

We may be 100% local, but our processes and support organisation is as good, if not better than many multinational organisations. We are supported by an integrated management system that complies with API Spec Q2, ISO 9001 and ISO 45001, as well as a fully integrated competency management system that ensures our people are safe, trained and competent to carry out the tasks at hand.

24/7 local support.

Being 100% local means that none of our management, support services, engineering teams or supply chain decision makers are based overseas. They are all based right here in Malaysia, on hand at a moment’s notice to respond and deliver. No more waiting days for a decision or approval - get a decision made now, and get back on critical path.


Headquarters (Kuala Lumpur)
Level 3, Menara Axis, No. 2
Jalan 51A/223, Seksyen 51A
46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

East Malaysia (Labuan)
Kampung Batu Arang
Jalan Ranca Ranca, Batu Arang 1
87000 Labuan Federal Territory, Malaysia

West Malaysia (Kemaman)
OY44, Kemaman Supply Base Phase I
24007 Kemaman
Terengganu Darul Iman, Malaysia

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